Marco Peereboom

Hacker - Security Nut - Person


My name is Clarissa Peereboom and I am the photographer and owner of Peereboom Photography. I specialize in Fine Art Fairytale Photography. I am a member of NAPP and APPA; you can find my work in galleries around Austin, Texas and my work has been published internationally in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

I believe that life is meant to be lived in a remarkable way and that the most remarkable thing of all is the love within the walls of our own homes. I try my best to capture those moments that are true to you and your family. I build and create experiences to help you tell your story so that your children's children will be able to see how much love there was. My passion is in capturing that love.


Marco serves as the CTO of Company Zero, LLC and is in charge of defining the general direction of all things technical. He never lost his appetite for hacking and continues to contribute code to the various Company Zero projects. In his spare time he enjoys hacking on his pet projects around a busy social schedule.

Marco is also an avid open source developer and has worked on many projects. He is practically minded and scratches whatever itch he has. He also has many other interests and sometimes even blogs about it.